Damayanthi Dunatunga

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In plants, double fertilization requires successful sperm cell delivery into the female gametophyte followed by migration, recognition and fusion of the two sperm cells with two female gametes. We isolated a null allele (lre-5) of LORELEI, which encodes a putative glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored protein implicated in reception of the pollen tube(More)
Polarized cell elongation is triggered by small molecule cues during development of diverse organisms. During plant reproduction, pollen interactions with the stigma result in the polar outgrowth of a pollen tube, which delivers sperm cells to the female gametophyte to effect double fertilization. In many plants, pistils stimulate pollen germination.(More)
In flowering plant reproduction, pollen tube reception is the signaling system that results in pollen tube discharge, synergid degeneration, and successful delivery of male gametes (two sperm cells) to the site where they can fuse with female gametes (egg cell and central cell). Some molecules required for this complex and essential signaling exchange have(More)
We present a general model for tracking smooth trajectories of multiple targets in complex data sets, where tracks potentially cross each other many times. As the number of overlapping trajectories grows, exploiting smoothness becomes increasingly important to disambiguate the association of successive points. However, in many important problems an(More)
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