Damaris Rodríguez García

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OBJECTIVE A review of current criteria for the diagnosis of categories related with vascular cognitive impairment, in particular the nomenclature, diagnostic criteria, and differential clinical-radiological findings. DEVELOPMENT The criteria for the diagnosis of vascular cognitive impairment have evolved, but available criteria were designed basically for(More)
Stroke welcomes Letters to the Editor and will publish them, if suitable, as space permits. Letters must reference a Stroke published-ahead-of-print article or an article printed within the past 3 weeks. The maximum length is 750 words including no more than 5 references and 3 authors. Please submit letters typed double-spaced. Letters may be shortened or(More)
OBJECTIVE A review of current foundations for the medical diagnosis of vasospam and delayed cerebral ischaemia due to spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage. DEVELOPMENT A review of available tests for the investigation of vasospasm (transcraneal Doppler, angiographic methods) and delayed cerebral ischaemia (clinical exam, computerised tomography by X rays,(More)
Based on international reference dosimetry protocols for light-ion beams, a correction factor (k s) has to be applied to the response of a plane-parallel ionisation chamber, to account for recombination of negative and positive charges in its air cavity before these charges can be collected on the electrodes. In this work, k s for IBA PPC40 Roos-type(More)
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