Damares C. Monte-Neshich

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The genetic basis of the resistance to a pepper strain of potato virus Y (PVY pathotype 1–2) was investigated in two lines: Capsicum annuum ‘Criollo de Morellos 334’ and Capsicum chinense ‘PI 159236’. F1, backcrosses, and F2 populations were produced using C. annuum ‘Magda’ as the susceptible parent. Segregation ratios indicated that the resistance in C.(More)
A gene encoding a globulin from a major taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) corm protein family, tarin (G1, ca. 28 kDa) was isolated from a λ Charon 35 library, using a cDNA derived from a highly abundant corm-specific mRNA, as probe. The gene, named tar1, and the corresponding cDNA were characterized and compared. No introns were found. The major(More)
In search of establishing a system for genetic transformation of Brazilian potato cultivars, Agrobacterium tumefaciens carrying the plasmid pGV1040, was used to transform leaf discs of three cultivars of local importance, i.e., Aracy, Baronesa and Mantiqueira. This plasmid contains marker genes for resistance to kanamycin and phosphinothricin plus the gene(More)
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