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Cyrtopodium paludicolum germination with two Tulasnella isolates
Symbiosis between orchid seeds and mycorrhizal fungi has been reported to be a determining factor in the success of germination and protocorm development in vitro. Th e aim of this study was toExpand
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Micropropagation of Cyrtopodium paludicolum (Orchidaceae) from root tip explants
Abstract: An efficient protocol for in vitro plant propagation of Cyrtopodium paludicolum has been developed using root tips dissected from well-developed seedlings. Root tips were cultured onExpand
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The Pantanal climate presents marked seasonality and eventually strong winds occur, especially in the beginning of the rainy season, which may last from September or October until April. AExpand
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The Bletia catenulata ornamental orchid is self-compatible but pollinator-dependent for reproduction1
Bletia Ruiz & Pav. is a neotropical orchid genus consisting of about 40 species (Brown 2005). However, in Brazil, only two species have been registered (Barros et al. 2015). Bletia catenulata Ruiz &Expand
Calendário floral apícola para a região do Maciço do Urucum, MS.
O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar a influencia do porte das plantas no padrao da floracao das especies apicolas da regiao da Borda Oeste do Pantanal no Macico do Urucum, na fazenda Band’Alta,Expand
Fitossociologia das espécies lenhosas em campo cerrado no Pantanal de Poconé e Paiaguás.
O presente estudo teve como objetivo avaliar e comparar a composicao floristica e fitossociologica das especies lenhosas de campo cerrado, relacionando com caracteristicas granulometricas do solo.Expand
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A orquídea ornamental Bletia catenulata é autocompatível, mas dependente de polinizador para reprodução
Bletia catenulata is a native Brazilian orchid whose populations have suffered from predatory collection. Aiming at elucidating aspects of its reproductive biology and the relation with seedExpand
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Calendário floral de plantas melíferas nativas da Borda Oeste do Pantanal no Estado do Mato Grosso do Sul
The objective of this work was to evaluate the flowering pattern, throughout the year, of honey plants in the western region of the Pantanal, at the Urucum Massif, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul,Expand
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