Dalton Nichols

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A threshold elevation in the performance of auditory temporal order judgment in man has been reported in the ear contralateral to the side of an anterior temporal lobectomy. On the basis of temporal order judgments alone it is not possible to determine whether the deficit is attributable to an impairment of recognition, identification, or temporal(More)
Previous research suggests individuals who suffer from cognitive impairment are less able to vocalise pain than the rest of the cognitively-intact population. This feature of cognitive impairment may be leading to a chronic underdetection of pain as current assessment tools strongly rely on the participation of the patient. To explore inconsistencies in(More)
In a multicenter study, 120 patients with intracranial aneurysms presenting a high surgical risk were treated using electrolytically detachable coils and electrothrombosis via an endovascular approach. The results of treatment in patients with posterior fossa aneurysms (42 patients with 43 aneurysms) are presented. The most frequent clinical presentation(More)