Dalton L F Alves

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Dental pulp reactivity to various pro-inflammatory stimuli was independently evaluated in rats in terms of a vascular permeability increase and leukocyte recruitment. Substance P, calcitonin-gene related peptide (CGRP) and prostaglandin E(2) (in the picomol range) were applied to the exposed pulp from anesthetised animals and the plasma extravasation(More)
The use of plants as medicine has been referred to since ancient peoples, perhaps as early as Neanderthal man. Plants are a source of many biologically active products and nowadays they are of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry. The study of how people of different culture use plants in particular ways has led to the discovery of important new(More)
We compared the intensity and frequency of arthritis in old (8-12 months, N = 12) and juvenile (2 months, N = 10) rats and determined the role played by adrenal glands in this disorder. Arthritis was induced by subcutaneous injection of Mycobacterium butyricum at the base of the tail of female Holtzman rats at day zero. Paw edema and hyperalgesia were(More)
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