Dalton Hunkins

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Programming contests have a long established role as co-curricular activities. But as programming methodology has changed, the programming contest problems have not reflected these changes. In this paper, we describe a way to modernize the traditional ACM-style contest while preserving the problem solving aspects. We do so by introducing a new type of(More)
Students choosing to specialize in the study of computer graphics often come from two disparate groups - the mathematically-inclined students who are often most interested in the computer programming aspects of the field, and the artistically-inclined students whose interest lies more in design and image construction. If these two groups are to learn as(More)
The ACM/IEEE-CS Computing Curricula Report 1991 includes the the knowledge unit Human-Computer Communication. The KU N in two parts, User Interfaces and Computer Graphics. The objectives of some of the suggested early courses in the Report include User Interfaces. However, there is no indication of where, if at all, Computer Graphics could be included with(More)
Visual demonstrations and interactive visualization tools can be used in the classroom to convey complex ideas. This is especially true in computer science. For example, the short film Sorting Out Sorting and several algorithm animation systems have received a great deal of acclaim. However, this powerful educational tool is not used as often as it should.(More)
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