Dalma Maria Banic

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The Plasmodium vivax Merozoite Surface Protein-3α (PvMSP-3α) is considered as a potential vaccine candidate. However, the detailed investigations of the type of immune responses induced in naturally(More)
Haematological and cytokine alterations in malaria are a broad and controversial subject in the literature. However, few studies have simultaneously evaluated various cytokines in a single patient(More)
The development of modular constructs that include antigenic regions targeted by protective immune responses is an attractive approach for subunit vaccine development. However, a main concern of(More)
The goal of this study was to evaluate the antibody response induced by Plasmodium falciparum glutamate-rich protein (GLURP) in naturally exposed individuals from the Brazilian Amazon region(More)
Mansonella ozzardi infections are common in the riverside communities along the Solimões, Negro and Purus Rivers in the state of Amazonas (AM). However, little is known about the presence of this(More)
The cell-traversal protein for ookinetes and sporozoites (CelTOS), a highly conserved antigen involved in sporozoite motility, plays an important role in the traversal of host cells during the(More)