Dallas Smith

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To evaluate the scalar ocean surface wind speeds obtained from the Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSM/I) we compare them over the time period from July 1987 through December 1997 with those from two global analyses: the NCEP/NCAR Annual Reanalysis and the ECMWF TOGA Global Surface Analysis. We perform a statistical analysis for the whole globe and present(More)
Solid-state quantum emitters, such as artificially engineered quantum dots or naturally occurring defects in solids, are being investigated for applications ranging from quantum information science and optoelectronics to biomedical imaging. Recently, these same systems have also been studied from the perspective of nanoscale metrology. In this letter we(More)
A Monte-Carlo study was done with true effect sizes in deviation units ranging from 0 to 2 and a variety of sample sizes. The purpose was to assess the amount of bias created by considering only effect sizes that passed a statistical cut-off criterion of alpha = .05. The deviation values obtained at the .05 level jointly determined by the set effect sizes(More)
Isoprene is a precursor to tropospheric ozone, a key pollutant and greenhouse gas. Anthropogenic activity over the coming century is likely to cause large changes in atmospheric CO 2 levels, climate and land use, all of which will alter the global vegetation distribution leading to changes in isoprene emissions. Previous studies have used global(More)
Shot noise in transport through two coherent strongly coupled quantum dots, Phys. Full counting statistics for a single-electron transistor, non-equilibrium effects at intermediate conductance, Phys. Quantum criticality in a double quantum-dot system, Phys. Effects of a single quantum spin on Josephson oscillations, Int. Kondo effect in single-molecule(More)
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