Dallas Hanson

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) began development of an Ecological Classification System (ECS) in 1991. The ECS is hierarchically organized into six levels following the United States Forest Service structure. The upper four levels are being developed State-wide by an interdisciplinary group from several agencies. Geographic(More)
Although the Australian forest plantation industry acknowledges that there is a role for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in forest management, there is confusion as to what this constitutes in practice. This paper describes the conflicts between internal and external stakeholder views on CSR in plantation forestry. We conducted in-depth interviews(More)
In Australia, as elsewhere in the Western world, firms are faced with the challenge of recruiting, retaining and motivating quality human resources from increasingly competitive labour markets. One response to this challenge has manifest in firms attempting to position themselves as ‘Employers of Choice’ (EOC) in their relevant industries. In order to(More)
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