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Extensive experiments have validated the effectiveness of the corpus-based method for classifying the word's sentiment polarity. However, no work is done for comparing different corpora in the polarity classification task. Nowadays, Twitter has aggregated huge amount of data that are full of people's sentiments. In this paper, we empirically evaluate the(More)
For discovering communities in social network, an improved spectral clustering method is presented in this paper. To make full use of the network feature, the core members are used in this method for mining communities. This goal has been achieved through the Page Rank method, which is common in directed graphs, for the reason that an undirected graph can(More)
Recently, blogs have emerged as the major platform for people to express their feelings and sentiments in the age of Web 2.0. The common emotions, which reflect people’s collective and overall sentiments, are becoming the major concern for governments, business companies and individual users. Different from previous literatures on sentiment classification(More)