Dalila Nouar

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OBJECTIVE To document more fully the characteristics of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) in pediatric patients, to collect data on the outcomes and management of the disease, and to define prognostic factors. METHODS One hundred seventy-eight patients were included (123 female patients and 55 male patients), with a mean ± SD age at(More)
Pediatric visceral leishmaniasis is caused by Leishmania infantum, a dog parasite transmitted to humans by the bite of the female phlebotomine sand fly. The well-known clinical triad is fever, pallor, and splenomegaly. A secondary macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) can complicate this infection, which is lethal when not treated. When MAS is observed(More)
Results Of 32 children included there were 62 % of females and the mean age at diagnosis was 7.7 ± 3.4 years and 6.5 ± 3.8 years for JIAU. Ophthalmologic complications were present at the diagnosis in 72% of patients. Uveitis was unilateral in 56 % of cases and anterior in 75 % of cases. At the time of the last follow-up 41% were idiopathic uveitis and 41%(More)
Results The average number of lesions per patient detected before diagnosis was 3.5 ± 2.9 [1-26]. The mean number of lesions was 1 ± 0.9 by radiographs, 2.45 ± 1.7 by isotopic bone scan and 3.12 ± 1.33 by MRI. A total of 193 radiographic lesions were detected with the following distribution: tibia (n = 44), the clavicle (n = 34), the femur (n = 23), the(More)
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