Dalia Metwally

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We investigated 400 cases of dengue-like illness in persons hospitalized during an outbreak in Al Hudaydah, Yemen, in 2012. Overall, 116 dengue and 49 chikungunya cases were diagnosed. Dengue virus type 2 was the predominant serotype. The co-circulation of these viruses indicates that mosquitoborne infections represent a public health threat in Yemen.
Yemen, which is located in the southwestern end of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of countries most affected by recurrent epidemics caused by emerging vector-borne viruses. Dengue virus (DENV) outbreaks have been reported with increasing frequency in several governorates since the year 2000, and the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) has been also responsible of(More)
1 Department of Microbiology, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt 2 Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt 3 Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damanhour University, Damanhour, Egypt 4 Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty of(More)
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