Dalia B Jensen

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We evaluated the long-term results of 109 tibial plateau fractures, 61 treated by skeletal traction and early knee movement and 48 treated by surgery, at an average follow-up of 70 months. The functional results were much the same, though meniscectomy had been performed in almost half of the surgical patients. Time in bed and duration of hospital stay were(More)
In a suburban area of Copenhagen with approximately 620,000 inhabitants, all the openly operated on meniscal lesions of the knee joint between 1982 and 1984 inclusive were reviewed. The mean annual incidence of meniscal lesions per 10,000 inhabitants was 9.0 in males and 4.2 in females. The highest incidences were seen in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decades of(More)
Immunosuppressive agents are imployed increasingly frequently in treatment of nonfatal disorders. We report two cases of metastasizing squamous cell carcinoma after treatment for psoriasis with methotrexate. Additional cases must be reported, but we consider that: 1) methotrexate medication, when possible, should be withdrawn when a localized squamous cell(More)
A series of 45 patients with chondromalacia patellae demonstrated clinically and by arthrotomy, but without demonstrable biomechanical misalignment, was investigated retrospectively. Thirty-one of the patients had only been treated conservatively while partial chondrectomy was performed in 14. All of the patients underwent an intensive rehabilitation(More)
In patients with liver cirrhosis Doppler ultrasound often detects absence of the retrograde (hepatopetal) flow phase in the hepatic vein, suggestive of an increased stiffness of the liver parenchyma around the vein. This is rarely or never reported in healthy control persons. We examined the frequency of absent retrograde flow in a consecutive series of 139(More)