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Companies around the world routinely distribute their software development across different sites. Students, however, rarely get a chance to learn the potential problems that arise, and the potential solutions to those problems, when conducting distributed development. It is especially difficult to simulate the situation for students when development is(More)
Cognitive radio (CR) is regarded as a key technology to solve the scarcity of spectrum resources and improve spectrum utilization. Spectrum sensing is one of the basic components of CR technology. Energy sensing, matched filtering sensing and cyclostationary sensing are three classical methods for spectrum sensing in CR networks, but all of them still have(More)
As a typical Gauss–Seidel method, the inherent strong data dependency of lower-upper symmetric Gauss–Seidel (LU-SGS) poses tough challenges for shared-memory parallelization. On early multi-core processors, the pipelined parallel LU-SGS approach achieves promising scalability. However, on emerging many-core processors such as Xeon Phi, experience from our(More)
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