Dali Jiang

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Current emergency logistics strongly features geographical scatter, collaborative work and time priority. Although some models have been designed for application in emergency logistics, the knowledge heterogeneity in that field is still a major obstacle to intelligent cooperation. This study aims at applying ontology-based modeling approach to clearly(More)
We model the safety stock placement problem in general acyclic supply chain networks as a project scheduling problem, for which the constraint programming (CP) techniques are both effective and efficient in finding high quality solutions. We further integrate CP with a genetic algorithm (GA), which improves the CP solution quality significantly. The(More)
This paper analyses the characteristics of information flow in military supply chain, the influencing factors and the structure of military supply chain management. Then, the method of information flow management and control in military supply chain is designed, and the architecture of information flow control in military supply chain management information(More)
Virtual logistics is a modern logistics mode in which logistics efficiency can be enhanced and logistics resources can be saved greatly, while as logistics information platform is the technical base for it. This paper studies the structure of virtual logistics information platform based on Multi-Agent. It first argues the whole framework of virtual(More)
Due to obscured information and asynchronous actions, the bullwhip effect suggests that the variability of orders increases while moving upstream in supply chain from warehouse to integrated inventory to supplier. Bullwhip effect amplifies the demand, boosts the inventory and increases the total cost of the supply chain. In order to decrease the stock and(More)
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