Dalezios Nicolas

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The Water Framework Directive requires the assessment of the ecological status of transitional waters considering the fish component. An original methodology, based on a pressure-impact approach, was established to develop a multimetric fish-based index to characterize the ecological quality of French estuaries. An index of contamination, based on the(More)
The growing number and effectiveness of earth observation satellite systems, along with the increasing reliability of remote sensing methodologies and techniques, present a wide range of new capabilities in monitoring and assessing droughts. In this paper, several drought features are analyzed and assessed by using remotely sensed Reconnaissance Drought(More)
The water demand to meet seasonal and long-term water needs in Thessaly, central Greece, is related to historical semi-arid conditions in the region, which is the main agricultural area of the country. In this paper irrigation water requirements are assessed through the estimation and monitoring of crop evapotranspiration ETc for cotton fields in Thessaly.(More)
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