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Besides gene duplication and de novo gene generation, horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is another important way of acquiring new genes. HGT may endow the recipients with novel phenotypic traits that are important for species evolution and adaption to new ecological niches. Parasitic systems expectedly allow the occurrence of HGT at relatively high frequencies(More)
Intergeneric hybrids and amphidiploid hybrids from crosses of Aegilopstauschii and Secale cereale were produced using young embryo rescue. The hybrids showed complete sets of both parental chromosomes. The dihaploid plants showed an average meiotic pairing configuration of 10.84 I + 1.57 II + 0.01 III. Genomic in situ staining revealed 3 types of bivalent(More)
Companies devote a large amount of time and money to developing new products. ColgatePalmolive, a company that manufactures toothbrushes, is interested in automating their toothbrush testing procedure. We designed a robot that can simultaneously test the effectiveness of two toothbrushes at removing plaque and rendered it in a 3D CAD program. To achieve a(More)
Improvement of flour quality is one of the main objectives in the process of wheat breeding. It is supposed that wild emmer wheat can provide a lot of genetic variants of the endosperm storage proteins in enhancing bread-making quality. However, the flour quality of wild emmer wheat itself, which is generally believed to be poor, is lack of awareness yet.(More)
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