Dale W Hanson

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ISSUE ADDRESSED A systematic ecological framework in which to design sustainable, community-based, safety promotion interventions is presented. METHOD A literature review was undertaken of English-language articles addressing the topics of 'ecological injury prevention or safety promotion', 'ecological health promotion', 'sustainable economic, health or(More)
This journal aims to promote, publish and promulgate high-quality, innovative research. As laudable as this is, it is not enough. Unless this research culminates in practical and cost-effective interventions capable of attracting the political and social support required to allow effective implementation, it will not prevent harm or save lives. The Public(More)
Mackay Whitsunday Safe Community (MWSC) was established in 2000 in response to high rates of injury observed in the region. MWSC assumed an ecological perspective, incorporating targeted safety promotion campaigns reinforced by supportive environments and policy. By involving the community in finding its own solutions, MWSC attempted to catalyze structural,(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED The Mackay Whitsunday Safe Communities (MWSC) was established in February 2000 in response to high rates of injury observed in the region. A key objective was to consolidate and better coordinate a network of community groups already working in community safety promotion. METHODS This study used Social Network Analysis (SNA) to document(More)
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