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The unfinished business of Trinitarian theorizing
In recent years, many resourceful thinkers have brought a new clarity to the issues surrounding the doctrine of the Trinity. Two incompatible families of Trinitarian doctrine have been clearlyExpand
Divine deception, identity, and Social Trinitarianism
  • Dale Tuggy
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • 11 August 2004
After laying out the claims and motivations of Social Trinitarianism, I develop three new arguments against it. According to the first two, if Social Trinitarianism were true, the Father, Son, andExpand
Divine deception and monotheism: a reply to Hasker
  • Dale Tuggy
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • 9 February 2011
Abstract In two recent pieces William Hasker argues that my arguments against Social Trinitarianism fail. I argue here that he hasn't successfully refuted or rebutted them, and that his response toExpand
Three Roads to Open Theism
On positive mysterianism
Religious believers react in one of four ways to apparent contradictions among their beliefs: Redirection, Resistance, Restraint, or Resolution. This paper evaluates positive mysterian Resistance,Expand
Constitution Trinitarianism: An Appraisal
On Counting Gods
Our standard scheme for describing and classifying different sorts of religious belief, the trichotomy monotheism-polytheism-atheism , is confused and confusing. In this paper I display some of theExpand