Dale Skidmore

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Urine for the analysis of pregnanediol was collected weekly for 3 months from 209 menstruant women aged 11-24 years who lived with their parents and from 59 women aged 17-23 years who had left the parental home. Menstrual cycles were classed as ovulatory if the 24-h pregnanediol output in the 12 days preceding menstruation was greater than or equal to 5(More)
This paper had its genesis in a national project, sponsored by the English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting, to explore team working within mental health practice. The project extended over a 2-year period and utilized various methods of data collection. However, this paper focused on data, from the national survey and informal(More)
iii THE REINTRODUCTION of black-footed ferrets in Colorado has been made possible by the dedicated work of many individuals from a variety of agencies and organizations. the vision and laid the groundwork upon which all subsequent work has been based. In addition, the following people or groups have contributed greatly to the recovery of black-footed(More)
The effect of rat atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) on basal hemodynamic and hormonal function and on the response to acute hemorrhage was studied in eight conscious sheep. ANP infusions (3 micrograms/kg BW bolus, followed by 50 ng/kg.min for 70 min) increased plasma immunoreactive ANP levels from less than 12 pmol/liter to steady state levels of 523 +/- 20(More)
Childhood has undergone many reconstructions since its 'recognition' in the 18th century. The medicalized child is rooted in eugenics, political economy and professional interests and has implication for practice. The modern child is now viewed as a stakeholder in a political sense. Childhood requires recognition in a 'health' sense if it is to survive as a(More)
Nursing in the United Kingdom is undergoing massive retrenchment. An increasing number of nurses are unable to obtain employment following qualification and agency nursing and short-term contracts are becoming the norm. Amalgamations of colleges of nursing have resulted in redundancies of nurse teachers and a significant reduction in student nursing places.(More)
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