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The Nature of Technology
The Nature of Technology introduces students to understanding technology and how to adapt to an ever-changing world. Humans utilize technologies to modify the world around them to meet their needsExpand
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Teachers’ instructional perspectives and use of educational software
Abstract It has been argued that technology will promote the use of constructivist approaches to teaching and learning advocated by the current reform movement. Yet computer technology, in and ofExpand
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Learning from hypertext is more complicated than that of how we learn from traditional text. Expand
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The Influence of Cognitive Load on Learning from Hypertext
We examine the effects of the cognitive load associated with using hypertext linking capabilities to “criss-cross the conceptual landscape” on student learning in a hypertext environment. Expand
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Validation of the Intrapersonal Technology Integration Scale: Assessing the Influence of Intrapersonal Factors that Influence Technology Integration
ABSTRACT Teachers' beliefs about their self-efficacy for integrating technology, their outcome expectations for integrating technology, and their interest in using technology to support studentExpand
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Educating Educators for Virtual Schooling: Communicating Roles and Responsibilities
New forms of electronic media have enabled the creation of virtual classrooms in K-12 schools across the U.S. The virtual schooling (VS) movement, in which courses are offered mostly or completelyExpand
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The influence of leads on cognitive load and learning in a hypertext environment
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of leads (or hypertext node previews) on cognitive load and learning in hypertext. Expand
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Promoting Deep and Durable Learning in the Online Classroom
Five principles of instruction have been shown by current research to promote deep and durable learning. Specific examples show how these principles apply to online courses.
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Beyond self-efficacy: Measuring pre-service teachers' Instructional Technology Outcome Expectations
The purpose of this study was to examine concurrent and construct validity for the Instructional Technology Outcome Expectation (ITOE) scale. Expand
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Researching IT in education
We propose ways in which educational research into information technology (IT) can be consolidated and made more accessible, thereby increasing influence on policy. Expand
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