Dale S K L Loh

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Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis, or "abdominal cocoon," is a rare but serious complication of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. It is characterized by the diffuse appearance of marked sclerotic thickening of the peritoneal membrane resulting in intestinal obstruction. A 14-year-old adolescent boy with a history of end-stage renal failure on(More)
Observations of exotic structures in the J/ψp channel, which we refer to as charmonium-pentaquark states, in Λ_{b}^{0}→J/ψK^{-}p decays are presented. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb^{-1} acquired with the LHCb detector from 7 and 8 TeV pp collisions. An amplitude analysis of the three-body final state reproduces the two-body(More)
In this study, the phenotype, TCR signaling events, and function of T cells developed de novo during adulthood in the presence of extrathymic alloantigen were investigated. C57BL/6 mice(H-2b) were first transplanted heterotopically with BALB/c hearts (H-2d) and treated with rapamycin for 2 wk to create a tolerant status. Three weeks postoperation, the mice(More)
AIM Vascular complications (VC) are a major cause of significant morbidity and mortality in pediatric liver transplantation (LT). We reviewed our series to study the evolution of vascular reconstructions and its effect on the incidence of VC after LT, particularly with regard to the portal vein (PV). METHODS The medical records of 81 pediatric LT(More)
This report describes three cases of significant lower gastro-intestinal haemorrhage caused by a bleeding Meckel's diverticulum. In the first two cases a pre-operative technetium-pertechnetate or Meckel's scan was negative or inconclusive, and in the third case no Meckel's scan was carried out. The diagnosis was established at laparoscopy in all three cases(More)
We studied the clinical presentation and management of four patients with anterior urethral valves; a rare cause of urethral obstruction in male children. One patient presented antenatally with oligohydramnios, bilateral hydronephrosis and bladder thickening suggestive of an infravesical obstruction. Two other patients presented postnatally at 1 and 2 years(More)
INTRODUCTION Neoplastic growths of myofibroblasts occurring on a background of plasma cell and lymphocytic proliferation have been designated as inflammatory myofibroblastic tumours (IMTs). These unusual tumours were first described in pulmonary location in adults. Though extrapulmonary masses have been reported in children; retroperitoneal growths are(More)
Mesenteric cystic lymphangioma is a rare lesion that is not often described in the literature. A four-year-old boy, who presented with abdominal distension and pain, is reported. At surgery, a huge mesenteric cyst was found to be the cause of the intestinal obstruction and was completely excised. Histology was consistent with a cystic lymphangioma.(More)
Since the routine use of antenatal ultrasonography, congenital pelviureteric junction (PUJ) obstruction rarely presents as an incidental diagnosis following renal trauma. Gross haematuria following seemingly trivial trauma should arouse the suspicion of a pre-existing abnormality. We report a 14-year-old girl with previously asymptomatic and undetected PUJ(More)