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Associations between hydroid species assemblages and substrate types in the mangal at Twin Cays, Belize
Hydroid species composition on various substrates in a mangrove ecosystem was investigated during the winter of 1987 at Twin Cays, Belize, Central America. Soft sediments, on which hydroids wereExpand
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Seasonal cycles of activity and inactivity in some hydroids from Virginia and South Carolina, U.S.A.
Hydroids investigated in estuaries of Virginia and South Carolina, USA, were characteristically seasonal in occurrence. Of 20 species studied in Virginia, 14 were active only during warmer months andExpand
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Nematocysts of stages in the life cycle of Stomolophus meleagris, with keys to scyphistomae and ephyrae of some western Atlantic Scyphozoa
Nematocysts were examined in the planula, scyphistoma, ephyra, and medusa stages of the rhizostome scyphozoan Stomolophus meleagris from South Carolina, U.S.A. Two categories of nematocysts,Expand
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Effects of dredging and open-water disposal on benthic macroinvertebrates in a South Carolina estuary
Approximately 28,475 m3 of muddy sediments were dredged from a shoal in a South Carolina estuarine system and released near the surface at a nearby site having high tidal current velocities. EffectsExpand
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Some anthoathecate hydroids and limnopolyps (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the Hawaiian archipelago
A systematic account is given of 17 families, 25 genera, and 32 species of anthoathecate hydroids and limnopolyps reported from Hawaii. Applying Reversal of Precedence provisions in zoologicalExpand
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Stages in the life history of the scyphozoan Stomolophus meleagris from the planula to the newly liberated ephyra were raised in the laboratory and are described for the first time. After swimmingExpand
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Thecate Hydroids from the Shelf Waters of Northern Canada
Based largely on collections from the Calanus–Salvelinus expeditions, 54 species of thecate hydroids were identified from the shelf waters of northern Canada between northeastern Newfoundland and theExpand
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Hydroid assemblages on holopelagic Sargassum from the Sargasso sea at Bermuda
Hydroids on pelagic Sargassum natans and S. fluitans were studied in samples collected at Bermuda during March 1982 and April, September, and December 1992. Sixty thalli of each of the two algalExpand
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