Gerard H Roe3
Justin R Minder3
Alison M Anders2
3Gerard H Roe
3Justin R Minder
2Alison M Anders
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  • Alison M Anders, Gerard H Roe, Dale R Durran, Justin R Minder
  • 2006
Persistent, 10-km-scale gradients in climatological precipitation tied to topography are documented with a finescale rain and snow gauge network in the Matheny Ridge area of the Olympic Mountains of Wash-ington State. Precipitation totals are 50% higher on top of an ϳ800-m-high ridge relative to valleys on either side, 10 km distant. Operational(More)
The climatology of small-scale patterns of mountain precipitation is poorly constrained, yet important for applications ranging from natural hazard assessment to understanding the geologic evolution of mountain ranges. Synthesizing four rainy seasons of high-resolution precipitation observations and mesoscale model output (from the Penn State/NCAR MM5),(More)
Observations show that on a mountainside the boundary between snow and rain, the snow line, is often located at an elevation hundreds of meters below its elevation in the free air upwind. The processes responsible for this mesoscale lowering of the snow line are examined in semi-idealized simulations with a mesoscale numerical model and in simpler(More)
An efficient method for scalar advection is developed that selectively preserves monotonicity. Monotonicity preservation is applied only where the scalar field is likely to contain discontinuities as indicated by significant grid-cell-to-grid-cell variations in a smoothness measure conceptually similar to that used in weighted essentially non-oscillatory(More)
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