Dale Lentz

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Panavia, a composite resin luting agent containing phosphate monomers, bonds chemically to air-abraded base metal alloys and is particularly suited for cementing resin-bonded retainers. Another adhesive methodology (Silicoater system) incorporates a pyrolytically applied silica layer to metal substrates to promote bonding of a resin adhesive. The object of(More)
The evaluation of composite resin as a posterior restorative material has been slow and attended by several problems. Gap formation has been considered a serious problem by many researchers. The purpose of this in vitro study is to compare the marginal adaptation of posterior composite resins placed by a direct method with those placed by an indirect method(More)
The objective of this study was to compare the tibial structure and the strength of the tibia during muscle weakness and after recovery in mdx mice (which demonstrate X-linked muscular dystrophy and subsequent muscle regeneration) and age-matched control mice. The extent of disuse atrophy produced by muscle weakness and recovery following restoration of(More)