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Calibrating and reassessing American Bottom culture history
The FAI-270 Project represents one of the most extensive Cultural Resource Management (CRM) undertakings in North America, resulting in the publication of dozens of site reports and, in 1984, a
Deconstructing the Emergent Mississippian concept: The case for the Terminal Late Woodland in the American bottom
The concept of the Emergent Mississippian as both a stage and a period is becoming entrenched in the archaeological literature. Although some have questioned its utility on conceptual and taxonomic
Advances in American bottom prehistory: Illinois transportation archaeology two decades after I-270
In 1956 the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued its first directive indicating to its engineers that "ruins having historical value should not be needlessly destroyed." Fifty years
Late Woodland Societies: Tradition and Transformation Across the Midcontinent
Archaeologists across the Midwest have pooled their data and perspectives to produce this indispensable volume on the Native cultures of the Late Woodland period (approximately A.D. 300-1000).