Dale L. Hetherington

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The alignment and chromatic sensitivity of holographic optical elements for use in optical interconnect systems are quantified. The effects of these image degrading parameters are related to the frequency and power requirements for CMOS compatible detectors in an optical interconnect system. Techniques for reducing the magnitude of these problems with(More)
The techniques of dummy fill and reverse etchback are often used prior to a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process to prevent film pattern density mismatches that lead to post-CMP film thickness variation. In this work, we present a methodology that utilizes both techniques in an intelligent fashion, and shows that both techniques can be used together(More)
Nanotopography refers to 10-100 nm surface height variations that exist on a lateral millimeter length scale on unpatterned silicon wafers. Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of deposited or grown films (e.g., oxide or nitride) on such wafers can generate undesirable film thinning which can be of substantial concern in shallow trench isolation (STI)(More)
In this paper we show the analysis and experimental results of using a volume holographic grating to increase the wavelength bandwidth over which light is coupled into a thin-film optical waveguide. Partial matching of the dispersion relationships of a hologram fabricated in dichromated gelatin with a waveguide/grating coupler etched in glass, show an(More)
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