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This demonstration presents three new augmented and meta saxophone interface/instruments, built by the Bent Leather Band. The instruments are designed for virtuosic live performance and make use of Sukandar Kartadinata’s Gluion [OSC] interfaces. The project rationale and research outcomes for the first twelve months is discussed. Instruments/interfaces(More)
People of all ages are discovering the convenience and savings of mail-order pharmacy use. On the surface, this option seems like a commonsense way to save money on healthcare, but the use of mail-order pharmacy among the elderly may increase the risk of unintentional medication noncompliance. This article discusses the advantages and risks of using this(More)
In discriminant analysis, the correlations between the variables and the discriminant functions, structure coefficients, are used in interpretation. Rules of thumb are used to set a cut-off value. It would be useful for structure coefficients to be at least statistically significantly different from zero before being used in an interpretation.(More)
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