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ASpace applications of telerobots are characterized by significant communication delays between operator commands and resulting robot actions at a remote site. A high degree of telepresence is also desired to enable operators to safely conduct teleoperation tasks. This paper provides tools for quantifying tele-operation system performance and stability when(More)
The notion of haptic transparency is used to quantify the delity with which virtual object properties are presented to, and perceived by, the human operator. Experimental results are presented quantifying the ability of humans to detect diierences in mechanical impedances representing typical types of impedance corruption (loss of transparency) encountered(More)
Specific rendering modes are developed for a combined vi-sual/haptic interface to allow exploration and understanding of fluid dynamics data. The focus is on visualization of shock surfaces and vortex cores. Advantages provided by augmenting traditional graphical rendering modes with haptic rendering modes are discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on(More)
Single-track hard disk drive (HDD) seek performance is measured by settle time, ts. In this paper, we show the effective use of feedforward dynamic inversion, coupled with reference trajectory y d generation, to achieve high performance ts. Models of HDD dynamics are typically nonminimum phase (NMP), and it is well known that the exact tracking solution for(More)
The ability of 1-year-old infants to remember the location of a nonvisible target was investigated in 3 experiments. Infants searched for a toy hidden in one of many possible locations within a circular bounded space. The presence, number, and spatial arrangement of local cues or "landmarks" within this space were varied. The results of Experiment 1 showed(More)
Graphical visualization has advanced our ability to understand large multi-dimensional data sets, but some types of data are still diicult to convey. We discuss three applications which provide visualization challenges: electromagnetic elds, uid dynamics, and stress analysis. Visu-alization modes combining visual and haptic rendering are developed to(More)