Dale A. Begley

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The Gene Expression Database (GXD) is a community resource of gene expression information for the laboratory mouse. By combining the different types of expression data, GXD aims to provide increasingly complete information about the expression profiles of genes in different mouse strains and mutants, thus enabling valuable insights into the molecular(More)
The Gene Expression Database (GXD) is a community resource for gene expression information in the laboratory mouse. By collecting and integrating different types of expression data, GXD provides information about expression profiles in different mouse strains and mutants. Participation in the Gene Ontology (GO) project classifies genes and gene products(More)
The Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) database provides access to data about endogenously arising tumors (both spontaneous and induced) in genetically defined mice (inbred, hybrid, mutant and genetically engineered mice). Data include information on the frequency and latency of mouse tumors, pathology reports and images, genomic changes occurring in the tumors,(More)
The Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) is designed to provide an electronic data storage, search, and analysis system for information on mouse models of human cancer. The MTB includes data on tumor frequency and latency, strain, germ line, and somatic genetics, pathologic notations, and photomicrographs. The MTB collects data from the primary literature,(More)
The Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB; http://tumor.informatics.jax.org) database is a unique online compendium of mouse models for human cancer. MTB provides online access to expertly curated information on diverse mouse models for human cancer and interfaces for searching and visualizing data associated with these models. The information in MTB is designed to(More)
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