Dalal Ahmed Al-Arayed

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This paper presents General Trust Management (GTM), a functional trust model that is applicable in multiple problem domains. GTM explicitly handles trust management functions including trust formation, dissemination and evolution. GTM is a generalization of Trust in Smart Spaces (TISS), a trust model that targets smart space scenarios. The generalization is(More)
Existing work in trust management does not satisfactorily provide a combination of functionality and generality. A model that sufficiently addresses the aspects of trust management and is general enough to be applicable in multiple problem scenarios is needed. This paper presents a base trust model that can be used in multiple problem scenarios (content(More)
This paper addresses active authentication using scrolling behaviors for biometrics and assesses different classification and clustering methods that leverage those traits. The dataset used contained event-driven temporal data captured through monitoring users' reading habits. The derived feature set is mainly composed of users' scrolling events and their(More)
The rise in popularity of location disclosure brings privacy concerns to the forefront. Mechanisms are needed that empower users to personalize the balance between the benefits of location awareness and privacy. This paper presents TISS-loc, which leverages trust management foundations to enhance control of location disclosure. TISS-loc supports location(More)
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