Dalai Felinto

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A critical requirement for diverse applications in quantum information science is the capability to disseminate quantum resources over complex quantum networks. For example, the coherent distribution of entangled quantum states together with quantum memory (for storing the states) can enable scalable architectures for quantum computation, communication and(More)
This photo realistic rendering solution address the insertion of computer generated elements in a captured panorama environment. This pipeline supports productions specially aiming at spherical displays (e.g., full-domes). Full panoramas have been used in computer graphics for years, yet their common usage lays on environment lighting and reflection maps(More)
The novelty of our proposal is the end-to-end solution to combine computer generated elements and captured panoramas. This framework supports productions specially aimed at spherical displays (e.g., fulldomes). Full panoramas are popular in the computer graphics industry. However their common usage on environment lighting and reflection maps are often(More)
Ask for a programmer and an artist what is the Holy Grail of computer graphics and you may hear completely different answers. It is part of the competence of computers to strive for reproducing reality, to mimic it bit by bit, photon by photon. It is in the core of graphics to go beyond and expand our experience of the reality with the creative input of the(More)
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