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Striking similarities between vaccinia virus hemagglutinin (VVHA) and proteins belonging to the Ig superfamily clearly indicate that VVHA, a 315-amino acid glycoprotein expressed on the surface of the infected cells, is a novel viral protein that can be added to the expanding list of the Ig superfamily. Its deduced amino acid sequence contains one Ig-like(More)
The PCR amplification of DNA sequences from ancient specimens has paved the way for research in the molecular evolution of extinct species. However, PCR is extremely sensitive and sources of ancient DNA are extremely rare. Therefore, extreme caution should be observed to eliminate the possibility of contamination. It is generally accepted that the(More)
This chapter attempts to ascertain the causes of the rapid growth of broadband services in the context of the broader socio-cultural elements. It recognizes technology as a socio-cultural product which has historically been constituted by certain forms of knowledge and social practice, so this chapter explores cultural elements contributing to the diffusion(More)
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