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A method to design low-pass filters (LPF) having a defected ground structure (DGS) and broadened transmission-line elements is proposed. The previously presented technique for obtaining a three-stage LPF using DGS by Lim et al. is generalized to propose a method that can be applied in design N-pole LPFs for N/spl les/5. As an example, a five-pole LPF having(More)
This paper presents multifunctional microstrip transmission lines for designing a high port-isolation dual-frequency orthogonally polarized rectangular patch antenna and the antenna-integrated power amplifier. The proposed lines were realized through the integration of defected ground structures (DGSs) with conventional microstrip lines. A spiral-shaped(More)
The design and analysis of a dual-operating mode laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) power amplifier for code-division multiple-access wireless communication base-station applications is presented in this paper. The amplifier structure consists of four parallelly located single-stage LDMOS amplifier array, the dual-mode input power divider,(More)
An unequal Wilkinson power divider with adjustable power dividing ratio is proposed. The proposed power divider consists of rectangular defected ground structure (DGS), isolated island in DGS, and varactor diodes. The impedance of the microstrip line greatly increases due to the DGS, and varies because of the varying capacitance of diodes. The measured(More)
A virtual laboratory uses computer-based simulation to emulate hardware. In this paper, we proposed a virtual laboratory on microcontroller 8051. The microcontroller virtual laboratory is a Web-based laboratory for students’ operation at any place and in any time. It is accomplished using Java applet and Flash animation for complete comprehension of(More)
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