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By comparison and combination of two strategies, extending π-conjugation and tuning Intramolecular Charge Transfer (ICT) effect, new long-wavelength BODIPY dyes have been efficiently synthesized. The new chromophores exhibit good optical properties: high fluorescence quantum yields, exceptionally large molar extinction coefficients, narrow red-emission(More)
A cassette molecule, featuring direct integration of two donor BODIPY units to one acceptor BODIPY unit, was conveniently developed as the first highly "through-bond energy transfer" (TBET) laser dye. This multicolor absorbing dye exhibited highly efficient and photostable laser action under drastic pumping conditions.
Bulky 4-tritylphenylethynyl substituted boradiazaindacene with pure red emission, relatively large Stokes shift, high fluorescence quantum yield, and low self-quenching was efficiently synthesized and qualified as a potential EL dopant.
Human labeled corpus is indispensable for the training of supervised word segmenters. However, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to label corpus manually. During the process of typing Chinese text by Pingyin, people usually need to type "space" or numeric keys to choose the words due to homo-phones, which can be viewed as a cue for segmentation. We(More)
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