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In this paper, we propose an efficient oscillation-diminishing cubic Hermite spline interpolation method for the table-based transistor model approximation. We use the cubic Hermite spline interpolation to ensure the continuity of the derivatives. Oscillation-diminishing techniques are proposed to reduce the oscillations (bumps) of interpolations such that(More)
For biomechanical analysis, reconstruction of 3D finite-element model based on sequential medical images is essential. However, the burdensome preprocessing tasks as image data processing and meshing for such process have turned out to be the bottleneck of finite-element analysis. In particular, lung has extremely complicated histological components(More)
According to space constraints of the traditional agricultural environment monitoring system, a small database called SQLite was transplanted into the ARM and Linux operation which could store and manage the field information. Users can get information anytime and anywhere through the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)network and the WSN(Wireless(More)
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