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With the current trend in integration of more complex systems on chip there is a need for better communication infrastructure on chip that will increase the available bandwidth and simplify the interface verification. We have previously proposed a circuit switched two-dimensional mesh network known as SoCBUS that increases performance and lowers the cost of(More)
We evaluated the validity and reproducibility of the FFQ used in the Shanghai Men's Health Study (SMHS). The study included 195 randomly selected participants of the SMHS who completed one FFQ at baseline, twelve 24-hour dietary recalls (24-HDR) (once a month for twelve consecutive months) and a second FFQ at the end of the study. The FFQ accounted for(More)
Internet of Things (IoT), which will create a huge network of billions or trillions of “Things” communicating with one another, are facing many technical and application challenges. This paper introduces the status of IoT development in China, including policies, R&D plans, applications, and standardization. With China's perspective, this(More)
Computer networks equipment present a bottleneck for further increase of the capacity in the networks. The terminals have problems to keep up with the network speed when using general purpose processors for the protocol processing. We present a novel processor architecture, that works in-line with the data flow and does not use a traditional von Neuman(More)
Rapid evolution of wireless standards and the increasing demand for multi-standard products make traditional fixed-function hardware for baseband processing too rigid. Programmable solutions are needed. At the same time, traditional DSP architectures cannot meet cost and power requirements in handheld devices. As a response to this, a new processor(More)
Power consumption from logic circuits, interconnections, dock distribution, on chip memories, and off chip driving in CMOS VLSI is estimated. Estimation methods are demonstrated and verified. An estimate tool is created. Power consumption distribution between ~ I I ~ I T O M ~ C ~ ~ O I W , clock distribution, logic gates, memories, and off chip driving are(More)
Complex matrix inversion is a very computationally demanding operation in advanced multiantenna wireless communications. Traditionally, systolic array-based QR decomposition (QRD) is used to invert large matrices. However, the matrices involved in MIMO baseband processing in mobile handsets are generally small which means QRD is not necessarily efficient.(More)
This paper presents a linear minimum mean square error (LMMSE) symbol detector for MIMO-OFDM enabled mobile terminals. The detector is implemented using a programmable baseband processor aimed for software-defined radio (SDR). Owing to the dynamic range supplied by the floating-point SIMD datapath, special algorithms can be adopted to reduce the(More)