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With the current trend in integration of more complex systems on chip there is a need for better communication infrastructure on chip that will increase the available band-width and simplify the interface verification. We have previously proposed a circuit switched two-dimensional mesh network known as SoCBUS that increases performance and lowers the cost(More)
—In this paper, hardware implementation aspects of the channel estimator in 3GPP LTE terminals are investigated. A channel estimation ASIC, which handles the real-time channel estimation, is presented. Compared to traditional correlator-based channel estimators, the channel estimator presented boosts the throughput at feasible silicon cost by adopting a(More)
This paper presents a case study of a single-chip 3G WCDMA/FDD basestation implementation based on a circuit-switched network on chip. As the amount of transistors on a chip continues to increase, so does the possibility to integrate more functionality onto every chip. By combining general-purpose and application-specific hardware , it is possible to(More)
This paper presents a novel hardware interleaver architecture for unified parallel turbo decoding. The architecture is fully re-configurable among multiple standards like HSPA Evolution, DVB-SH, 3GPP-LTE and WiMAX. Turbo codes being widely used for error correction in today's consumer electronics are prone to introduce higher latency due to bigger block(More)