Dajing Xiang

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Let A be a finite dimensional algebra over a field k, and let C be the Cartan matrix of A. Usually, the eigenvalues of C being integers do not imply the semisimplicity of A. However, we prove that a cellular algebra A is semisimple if and only if det(C) = 1 and all eigenvalues of C are integers. Moreover, we use Cartan matrices to classify the cellular(More)
  • Dajing Xiang
  • 2009 International Workshop on Intelligent…
  • 2009
In this paper, the main purpose is to discuss some properties respect to finite normalized tight frames. By using the relevant results associative to the group-representation of finite normalized tight frames, some interesting results of finite normalized tight frames be investigated. Keywordsfinite normalized tight frame; group-representation; Gram martice.
We consider the fuzzification of the notion of fuzzy multiply positive implicative hyper BCK-ideals of BCK-algebras and then some related results are obtained. Using the concept of level subsets, we give a characterization of a fuzzy multiply positive implicative hyper BCK-ideal. We state a relation between a fuzzy hyper BCK-ideal and a fuzzymultiply(More)
  • Dajing Xiang
  • 2013 10th International Conference on Fuzzy…
  • 2013
In this paper, the concept of soft modules is given. Some properties of soft modules are discussed. In particular, three isomorphism theorems for soft modules are established.
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