Dajie Zhang

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We delineated the achievement of early speech-language milestones in 15 young children with Rett syndrome (MECP2 positive) in the first two years of life using retrospective video analysis. By contrast to the commonly accepted concept that these children are normal in the pre-regression period, we found markedly atypical development of speech-language(More)
Traditional approaches of assessment in the medical domain are insufficient for evaluating trainees' technical skills. Currently, many European medical training bodies are attempting to introduce competence-based training programmes for technical skills as well as other domains (e.g., communication, professional behaviour, clinical cognition). These efforts(More)
This paper describes the development of a technology architecture that not only supports the technical performance assessment of a medical simulator but also facilitates a validated competence based assessment system in one selected anaesthetic procedure i.e. spinal anaesthesia. Based on extensive mapping of the competencies required for the performance of(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies have indicated a link between speech-language and literacy development. To add to this body of knowledge, we investigated whether lexical and grammatical skills from toddler to early school age are related to reading competence in adolescence. METHODS Twenty-three typically developing children were followed from age 1;6 to 13;6(More)
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