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outlying fuzzy theory. In about 1970, fuzzy theory began to produce results in Japan, Europe, and China. Fuzzy control has found applications in cement kinks, papermaking machines, and polymerization reactors. Nowadays, fuzzy controllers are also used to control consumer products, such as dishwashers, washing machines, video cameras, and rice cookers, even(More)
For preserving the grotto wall paintings and protecting these historic cultural icons from the damage and deterioration in nature environment, a visual analytics framework and a set of tools are proposed for the discovery of degradation patterns. In comparison with the traditional analysis methods that used restricted scales, our method provides users with(More)
Because of dissatisfaction with certain part of furniture model, the designers of furniture hope to replace that part with another one, and make the size of new one automatically adapt to the whole model. Inventor offers the function of replacement, but the size of the part which replaces the old one is not changed at all, so the replacing part size can not(More)
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