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—The facial expression generation is one of the important issues of intelligent human-machine interface. It is of great challenge due to the complexity and mutability of the human face. Image-based facial expression generation techniques inherit naturally some features of images which are beneficial to reduce complexity and improve realism of expression(More)
In this paper, we tackle the problem of risk-averse route planning in a transportation network with time-dependent and stochastic costs. To solve this problem, we propose an adaptation of the A* algorithm that accommodates any risk measure or decision criterion that is monotonic with first-order stochastic dominance. We also present a case study of our(More)
The problems of moving object detecting and tracking on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms in surveillance operations are addressed, and a robust tracking method for reliably detecting and tracking of foreground moving objects in a dynamically changing environment is proposed. Firstly, using the modified robust local feature detector SURF (Speeded Up(More)
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