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This paper gives an error analysis of the multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH) method for the approximation of multi-particle time-dependent Schrödinger equations. The MCTDH method approximates the multivariate wave function by a linear combination of products of univariate functions and replaces the high-dimensional linear Schrödinger(More)
Keywords: Volterra integro-differential equations Multistep collocation Superconvergence Stability a b s t r a c t Multistep collocation methods for Volterra integro-differential equations are derived and analyzed. They increase the order of convergence of classical one-step collocation methods, at the same computational cost. The numerical stability(More)
It is the purpose of this talk to introduce a family of diagonally–implicit continuous methods for the numerical integration of Volterra Integral Equations , which are obtained as a modification of the class of two-step collo-cation methods introduced in [1, 2]. The derived methods result from the choice of suitable conditions to be satisfied by the(More)
A very general class of Runge-Kutta methods for Volterra integral equations of the second kind is analyzed. Order and stage order conditions are derived for methods of order p and stage order q = p up to the order four. We also investigate stability properties of these methods with respect to the basic and the convolution test equations. The systematic(More)