Daizo Saito

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Although there have been multiple advances in the development of novel anticancer agents and operative procedures, prognosis of patients with advanced gastric cancer remains poor, especially in patients with peritoneal metastasis. In this study, we established nanoparticles loaded with indocyanine green (ICG) derivatives: ICG loaded lactosomes (ICGm) and(More)
Studies using animal models have demonstrated that ingestion of bovine lactoferrin (bLF) inhibits carcinogenesis in the colon and other organs of experimental animals. As a result of these studies, a blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted in the National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, Japan to determine whether ingestion of bLF had an(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium hyaluronate (SH) solution has been used for submucosal injection in endoscopic resection to create a long-lasting submucosal fluid "cushion". Recently, we proved the usefulness and safety of 0.4% SH solution in endoscopic resection for gastric mucosal tumors. To evaluate the usefulness of 0.4% SH as a submucosal injection solution for(More)
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