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Clusters of CpG dinucleotides in GC rich regions of the genome called "CpG islands" frequently occur in the 5' ends of genes. Methylation of CpG islands plays a role in transcriptional silencing in higher organisms in certain situations. We have established a CpG-island-extraction algorithm, which we previously developed [Takai and Jones, 2002], on a web(More)
Small interference RNA (siRNA) is an emerging methodology in reverse genetics. Here we report the development of a new tetracycline-inducible vector-based siRNA system, which uses a tetracycline-responsive derivative of the U6 promoter and the tetracycline repressor for conditional in vivo transcription of short hairpin RNA. This method prevents potential(More)
Two decades have passed since the discovery of microRNA (miRNA), which determines cell fate in nematodes. About one decade ago, the conservation of miRNA in humans was also discovered. At present, the loss of certain miRNAs and the overexpression of miRNAs have been demonstrated in many types of diseases, especially cancer. A key miRNA in lung cancer was(More)
MicroRNA expression is frequently altered in human cancers, and some microRNAs act as oncogenes or tumor suppressors. MiR-139-5p (denoted thereafter as miR-139) has recently been reported to function as a tumor suppressor in several types of human cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and gastric cancer), but its function in(More)
Stage IA non-small-cell lung cancer cases have been recognized as having a low risk of relapse; however , occasionally, relapse may occur. To predict clinical outcome in Stage IA non-small-cell lung cancer patients, we searched for chimeric transcripts that can be used as biomarkers and identified a novel chimeric transcript, RUNX1–GLRX5, comprising RUNX1,(More)
Nitrogen oxides are representative chemicals of occupational and environmental exposure, which can lead to fatal pulmonary injury. These oxides are also known to cause delayed occurrence of bronchiolitis obliterans (BO). Herein, we report a case of nitrogen oxide-induced lung injury. A 50-year-old man developed pulmonary edema after nitric acid exposure.(More)
Alternative polyadenylation (APA), which induces shortening of the 3'UTR, is emerging as an important phenomenon in gene regulation. APA is involved in development, cancer and cell proliferation. APA may lead to disruption of microRNA-mediated gene silencing in cancer cells via detachment of microRNA binding sites. We studied the correlation between the APA(More)
Unicentric Castleman's disease is a rare, benign lymphoproliferative disorder that is curable with surgical resection. However, significant bleeding often occurs during surgery because of tumor hypervascularity. We herein present a case of hyaline-vascular-type mediastinal unicentric Castleman's disease, successfully resected using video-assisted(More)
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