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This paper elaborates using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to solve the problem that the operating efficiency of induction motor is too low. In this paper, optimizing the structure parameters for induction motor design is proposed. The presented method is based on the principle that the induction motor structure parameters have complex(More)
Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are pervasively used in plants, warehouses, institutes, and ports. Research on AGVs for foodstuff, biochemistry, medical testing, etc. however, due to their speciality, attracted little attention. In this paper, a novel double-deck AGV for material transporting in a narrow enclosed channel is proposed. This vehicle is(More)
Aiming at the problem that the single position closed loop PID controller cannot meet the specifications of the motion control of the great inertia system with backlash, a double position closed loop fuzzy PID controller is proposed in this paper. Compared with the general fuzzy logic controller and PID controller, the results show that this control method(More)
Improved RBF neural network arithmetic is mainly characterized by using TI's Impedance Track TM technology for reference which predict the status of charge (SOC) of lithium battery, and in accordance with the chemistry characteristics of lithium batteries, use varied pulse charge method for their rapid and efficient charging. The results show that the SOC(More)
High accuracy of lane changing prediction is beneficial to driver assistant system and fully autonomous cars. This paper proposes a lane changing prediction model based on combined method of Supporting Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) at highway lane drops. The vehicle trajectory data are from Next Generation Simulation (NGSIM) data(More)
In order to maximize the performance of lithium-ion batteries, an advanced rapid charging pattern is required. In this paper, it proposed a strategy of lithium-ion battery's rapid charging with ant-cycle system, which improved the rechargeable speed under the promise of little effect on lithium-ion battery life. Experimental results show that the obtained(More)
State of charge(SOC) estimation is key to the battery management system used on electric vehicles. Recent studies often focus on the extended Kalman filter method for its theoretically optimal estimation property, but its effectiveness heavily depends on the priori information of noises and high precise battery models, therefore it is unable to deal with(More)
This paper investigates the application of stochastic model predictive control (SMPC) methodology for developing power management strategies tailored for the serial hydraulic hybrid vehicle (SHHV). The velocity demand from the driver is expressed as a random Markov process. A forward-facing closed-loop model of the SHHV powertrain is built and simulated in(More)
This paper describes an exact SOC-estimate mathematic model, which uses the battery State-Of-Charge (SOC) as a state variable and can simulate the whole progress of discharge accurately. The model parameters can be calculated according to the experimental data. The correction parameter C influences the accuracy of the open voltage model and the paper puts(More)
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