Daivd Brazier

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Spontaneous intracranial hypotension is a rare benign and usually self-limited condition of unknown aetiology. Four cases are presented that illustrate how the MRI features may support a diagnosis suggested on clinical grounds. The MRI findings include diffuse symmetric smooth dural thickening and enhancement, not only at the cranial level, but also(More)
We report two cases of uniocular hemianopia that we first detected on Humphrey visual field analysis, with one patient having additional constriction of his peripheral visual fields bilaterally. These field defects were confirmed to be functional in nature after characteristic changes on Goldmann perimetry and spontaneous improvement towards normal. This(More)
A case of bilateral cilio-retinal artery occlusion in a patient with classic migraine is described. It is unlikely that this hitherto unreported occurrence represents altered tone in the dense adrenergic innervation to the posterior ciliary circulation. We advise the continued use of beta-adrenergic blockers as prophylaxis in ocular migraine.
Surfboard riding is a popular sport worldwide. Although surfing is considered a 'safe' pastime, significant injuries do occur, particularly to the head and cervical spine. Spinal injuries most commonly occur when the surfer's head strikes the seafloor. This case series identifies the spectrum of spinal pathologies sustained whilst surfing and their imaging(More)
Two patients with an atypical form of band keratopathy following long-term pilocarpine treatment are described. The keratopathy is thought to have resulted from the presence of the preservative phenylmercuric nitrate in the pilocarpine drops. Symptoms of reduced acuity, visual haloes, and recurrent epithelial erosions were relieved by removal of the(More)
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