Daisykutty Abraham

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Vanillin, a food additive, has been evaluated as a potential agent to treat sickle cell anemia. Earlier studies indicated that vanillin had moderate antisickling activity when compared with other aldehydes. We have determined by high performance liquid chromatography that vanillin reacts covalently with sickle hemoglobin (HbS) both in solution and in intact(More)
Human erythrocyte pyruvate kinase plays an important role in erythrocyte metabolism. Mutation on the gene results in pyruvate kinase deficiency and is an important cause of hereditary nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia. Because of difficulties in isolating the mutant enzymes from patients, these mutations have not been fully studied. In this study, a(More)
— The basic concept discussed here is the use of wireless media to replace the use of ire wired media to transmit the power. The world is advancing so the usage of wireless power came into existence. Experiments are going on so that the usage of power can be done through all the home appliances there by reducing the usage of wired technologies. For example,(More)
Recent advances in the study of the neurofibrillary tangles (NFT), neuritic plaques (NP), and cerebrovascular amyloid found in the brain of Alzheimer's disease (AD) victims have greatly expanded our understanding of the molecular biology of this disease. Paired helical filaments (PHF) are the primary intracellular filamentous deposit. They appear to be(More)
—This paper presents a novel control strategy for achieving maximum benefits from these grid-interfacing inverters when installed in distribution systems. The inverter is controlled to perform as a multi-function device by incorporating active power filter functionality. The inverter can thus be utilized as: 1) power converter to inject power generated from(More)
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