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Petunia embryos carrying the no apical meristem (nam) mutation fail to develop a shoot apical meristem. Occasional shoots on nam- seedlings bear flowers that develop ten instead of five primordia in the second whorl. Double mutants with the homeotic gene green petals show that nam acts independently of organ identify in whorl 2 and now also affects(More)
The cDNA sequence and expression profile of a novel human gene, encoding a new member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, is reported. The gene is localized in the pericentromeric region of human X chromosome between the markers DXS1213 and DXS1194. Abundant expression of transcripts was detected in several human fetal tissues, whereas among adult tissues(More)
In a search for genes involved in X-linked mental retardation we have analyzed the expression pattern and genomic structure of human MAGED2. This gene is a member of a new defined MAGE-D cluster in Xp11.2, a hot spot for X-linked mental retardation. Rat and mouse orthologues have been isolated. In contrast to the genes of the MAGE-A, MAGE- B and MAGE-C(More)
The Wieacker-Wolff syndrome (WWS, MIM* 314580), first described clinically in 1985, is an X-linked recessive disorder. In earlier studies, linkage between the WWS gene and DXYS1 at Xq21.2 and DXS1 at Xq11 as well as AR at Xq12 was reported. Here we report on a linkage analysis using highly polymorphic, short terminal repeat markers located in the segment(More)
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