Daisy Daiqin He

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Analog &amp; digital circuits implemented in a dual threshold voltage (V<sub>T</sub>) p-channel organic technology are presented. The dual V<sub>T</sub> organic technology is compatible with large-area and mechanically flexible substrates due to its low processing temperature (&#x2264; 95&#x00B0;C) and scalable patterning techniques. We demonstrate the(More)
A fully photolithographic dual threshold voltage (V<sub>T</sub>) organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) process suitable for flexible large-area integrated circuits is presented. The nearroom-temperature (&lt;; 95 &#x00B0;C) process produces integrated dual V<sub>T</sub> pentacene-based p-channel transistors. The two V<sub>T</sub> 's are enabled by using two(More)
Service oriented computing (SOC) has provided a promising architectural for business collaboration. However challenging security issues concerning business collaboration have arisen because of its dynamic and loosely coupling nature. An important problem is how to specify security policies that belong to different application domains and integrate them to(More)
Access control has been studied for sometime, and there are a number of theories and techniques for handling access control for single or centralised systems; however, unique and challenging security issues concerning collaboration in the context of service oriented computing (SOC) have arisen due to the dynamic and loosely coupled nature of the environment(More)
Business collaboration is about coordinating the flow of information among organizations and linking their business processes. However unique and challenging security issues concerning business collaboration in the context of SOC have arisen because of its dynamic and loosely coupling nature. In this paper we firstly identify elements for security policy(More)
Different types of business collaborations exist in terms of the way that the collaboration is carried out. In this paper, we will look into the characteristics of different collaborations and analyze their policy requirements accordingly. Various inconsistencies between authorization policies from different business units are identified and suggestions are(More)
Modern distributed systems require collaborations between individual organizations. The collaborations consist of complex relationships and interactions among distinct administrative domains. Different forms of collaboration can be implemented. As a result, different security control requirements emerge. For example, service propagation requires all(More)